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1. Chota Gautham Cricket

Enjoy Chota Gautham’s Cricket who resembles Chota Bheem. Play with Chota Bheem and Friends. Simple and Easy to play cricket game for Children and Chota Bheem Comic lovers. One day in Akilapur, the cunning Kalia challenged chota bheem and his friend Gautham to cricket match. The looser of match will never play cricket again. Bheem decided to send his friend Gautham to play on his behalf.

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2. Green Living Android App

This App geared toward people who are looking to be more environmentally- responsible. It contains more than 250 tips and articles related to Energy conservation, Energy Efficiency, water conservation etc, to have a healthy and eco friendly lifestyle. With global warming becoming worse every year, many people wish to start doing their part to help save the environment. Unfortunately, many people believe that going green is expensive and time consuming. Read on to find out several things and tips for going green…

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green living app      green living app


2. Green Energy DIY projects Android App

This Android App is collection of Do It Yourself (DIY) simple green energy projects that can be easily done with things that are available in home. It contains good educational content related to renewable energy. More projects keeps on adding in future versions… Stay tuned :)


  • Two modes of text (Day and Night) which brings comfort to you eyes.
  • “Book mark” the important pages
  • “Search bar” to search required terms
  • Flipping pages like real paper book
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