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Questionnaire on Current Eye status to get THM code


Do you have any of the following problems after finished working on computer?(select as many as applicable)

Do you have any of the following problems?(select as many as applicable)

How far you sit away from computer screen? (Distance between your eyes and computer screen approximately)

How familiar you are with CVS?

Do you have glasses/spectacles?

Which type of computer do you use?

Do you use anti glare glasses while working in front of computer?

how many hours do you spend in front of computer daily?

what is the level of stress currently you are having?

Which of the following age group you fall under?

Thankyou for your participation. Hope we serve even better in protecting eyes from PC. If you want to mail the result, enter following details below.

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What is THM Code?

You can be able to protect your eyes from eye strains and CVS in a scientific way and proper medical approach . THM code is a special code generated after completing a questionnaire on your present eye condition. The questions may be related to your daily computer usage, work environment, current eye problems etc. When you enter this code in EyePro and activate it, the settings will be automatically get adjusted according pre-defined conditions of that code. So that it can serve effectively. Post 100% of progress bar indicates that you have tuned to take breaks completely.