Users Feedback on EyePro:

“The EyePro is a smart, helpful and dependable application that will allow you to protect you eye sight and relax when working in front of a screen for long and repeated periods of time. Give this smart and useful tool a try and see how it can help you protect yourself against eye sight related problems.” — Softoxi Editor’s Opinion

“EyePro is Handy software tool for the users who sit infront of computer for hours and hours. I’m using it from a week, its good and interactive and importantly its a Freeware absolutely!!! ”   — Bobby, M.C.A student, Hyderabad.

 “It works well but has to be adjusted to a person’s individual needs and takes quite some time to get used to. As a natical computer addict, EyePro comes very handy for me” — Michael, London

“This is awesome- Keep up your good works! Peace, love n Best Wishes.” — MAHFUJA PARVEN, Bangladesh.

“Its a unique software and every computer user shold try. It works wee! ” — Sanjay, India.

“Its a good quality software to try. ” — Fylong, Japan.