Solar Off-grid System Designer (Hybrid)

Solar Off-grid System Designer (Hybrid) is an offgrid solar photovoltaic project dimensioning and sizing desktop software for individuals, residential and small-scale commercial solar PV installers. This is a light weight version of popular PV software tools like PVsyst and PVSol. With classlesoft’s latest offering, the users can easily design PV systems using intuitive and friendly user-interface. The current version of the tool only supports “Hybrid Solar Inverters”. Users can store and use the datasheet information of solar panels and hybrid inverters of their choice. The software has inbuilt solar radiation database, which is sourced from most popular NASA SSE database. This enables users to design their projects completely offline. The tool supports designing PV projects of size upto 50 kWp.

The software is still in beta version at the moment. The tool is available for free for limited time.



SolarOffgridDesigner_Screen2 SolarOffgridDesigner_Screen3SolarOffgridDesigner_Screen4 SolarOffgridDesigner_Screen6 SolarOffgridDesigner_Screen7 SolarOffgridDesigner_Screen8 SolarOffgridDesigner_Screen9