EyePro 2.1 review by Programosy.pl

EyePro 2.1 review by Programosy.pl

Posted by admin in Uncategorized 24 Sep 2013

EyePro is a program to protect your eyes working on the computer. The program monitors the time you spend in front of the monitor, and then informs us of the need to do long or short break. The whole is embellished with numerous tips and exercises, so that will keep health and ability to concentrate on the task being performed.

Configuration is very simple. In the main window you will find switches allow you to choose the length and intensity of the breaks and turn on / off the display of notifications. In order to quickly adapt the tool to suit your needs, you can use one of the predefined sets of settings. An important component of the program is a static module that stores detailed information about our activity (the number dialed and missed breaks, the rate of adaptability, overall progress, status, percentages). Motivational may be symbolic rewards that can be obtained in the correct operation of the instructions in the application.

EyePro comes with a host of additional features. May be useful dynamic filter screen in several different colors, allowing the monitor to reduce glare. There’s also a collection of cast interactive exercises, so that will increase the angle of view and will improve the speed of reading text. For leisure, take a look at while the tips available on the “EyeCare Tips”. We find among them some tips on the correct ergonomic working on the computer.

EyePro program is distributed free of charge (freeware). If the tool is accounted for our taste, consider a donation to the producer.

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