Review on EyePro 1.2 by Softoxi Editor

Review on EyePro 1.2 by Softoxi Editor

Posted by admin in Reviews, Uncategorized 10 Mar 2012
Editor’s Opinion

The EyePro is a smart, helpful and dependable application that will allow you to protect you eye sight and relax when working in front of a screen for long and repeated periods of time. Give this smart and useful tool a try and see how it can help you protect yourself against eye sight related problems.

Editor’s Description

It can happen to all of us to lose track of time when working at our computers. It is known that prolonged work sessions will result not only in a decrease in productivity but also in eye sight problems. The best solution to solve these problems is to take short breaks at certain time intervals. The easy to use EyePro software will help you do that, and therefore increase your productivity and prevent eye sight problems.

The handy EyePro application was built with the sole purpose of helping you to protect your health using top of the line medical knowledge and techniques. The program helps you perform some very simple and useful eye exercises and plan breaks so that you may be protected against the Computer Vision Syndrome. Working with this smart piece of software will be as easy a walk in the park for even the less savvy users due to the very simple and use friendly interface.

The intuitive interface will allow you to easily access and configure all the program’s parameters in order to get the results that best suit your needs. Simply select the duration of the work period after which you want to take a break and for how long, and the convenient EyePro will automatically remind you when to take that break. You can choose different work periods ranging from 45 minutes to 3 hours and how long your break should be from 1 to 5 minutes.

Moreover, as an extra measure to help you protect your eye sight, you can also take shorter breaks and perform some very simple yet effective eye exercises. You can easily configure the application to show you some eye exercises that will help you avoid eye strain and physical fatigue. Besides the short 5 second exercises, it will provide some very interesting facts and tips related to eye protection. You are also able to select how long before the break you should be notified so that you may finish or pause your tasks. The handy EyePro tool also provides support for sound notifications.

A unique feature of EyePro is the THM mode. If you activate this mode, the settings of the program will be automatically adjusted according to your current eye status. Just get the TH code by completing a simple and small questionnaire which estimates your present eye status and will suggest the best configuration for you.

If you take into account the fact that the convenient EyePro application is also provided as a freeware then there is no reason left to stop you from giving it a try and see how for yourself how useful this program can be.

To sum it all up, if you need a smart, reliable and handy tool to help you protect your eye sight and increase your productivity then the easy to use EyePro software will prove to be the best solution.

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