Solar Off Grid Calculator

Solar Off Grid Calculator is a Handy windows PC application which can be used to determine the Solar Panel, Inverter and battery size required for your Home and Offices for your load configuration. It is simple, portable and easy to use app with clear instructions. Just input the load configuration of your home or office which require backup power during grid failure, and thats it, with one click away you will get the required PV configuration.

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  • Portable, simple and intuitive user interface
  • Calculates monthly unit consume and bill amount
  • Provides suggestion on Solar Module Wp requried in KWp , Inverter in KVA and Battery size and Solar Fraction details
  • Print the final configuration with single click
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Solar Off grid calculator

Solar Off grid calculator

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 “Clear-cut application which suggests a solar PV configuration for your home or office, based on the amount of energy you consume on a daily basis”Softpedia Review

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