An article about EyePro 2.1 appeared in

An article about EyePro 2.1 appeared in

Posted by venkat0249 in Reviews 17 Jan 2013

Recently, An article about EyePro 2.1 appeared in, a famous Russian online news website.  Article was originally written in Russian. Here is the translated English version of the article given below.

App Eye Pro 2.1 will take care of your vision

If you have to spend several hours each day in front of a computer screen, sooner or later, you may cause serious eye problems.Reduce the strain on your eyes and will help avoid unpleasant consequences of useful application called Eye Pro 2.1. One of the basic features of the product is the built-in timer activity (Activity Timer), which in due time will display a pop-up message and offer to make a break from work and perform a simple exercise.Users are invited to look away from the monitor and try to focus on a distant point. The timer can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences. However, the most favorable mode of operation, according to the developers, involves an 8-second break every 15 minutes of work or stay for one minute or 45 minutes. If you are really immersed in the work and are not going to be interrupted, you can close the pop-up at the touch of a button. However, the program will remember this “irresponsible” act, and then you will be able to count the number of missed breaks. This information, and other useful statistics can be found on page User Stats. Another interesting feature of Eye Pro 2.1 is the so-called “Display Filters” – translucent overlays of different colors that are displayed on top of the desktop. Such a filter will reduce screen flicker and neutralize its harmful effects on your eyes. A section Vision Therapy can find a variety of exercises and simple games, which, in our opinion, will help to minimize the damage to your eyesight. For example, users will be asked to focus his eyes on the ball bounces off the edges of the screen, or try to see the three-dimensional image. effectiveness of the proposed protective measures might call into question the skeptics. Still, some parts of the application (for example, the aforementioned timer) may prove useful in some situations. Application is distributed for free. A copy of the Eye Pro 2.1 can be downloaded from the developer – . 

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