EyePro: Rest your eyes at regular time intervals to maintain good eyesight

EyePro: Rest your eyes at regular time intervals to maintain good eyesight

Posted by venkat0249 in News and Announcments, Reviews 28 May 2013

Review of EyePro by FileCluster.com senior Editor “Lizzy Nolan” 

Staring at the computer screen all day long can have serious negative effects on eye health such as Computer Vision Syndrome but not only. EyePro is a free application that reminds you when it’s time to take a break and rest your eyes. It also includes useful tips and eye exercises to reduce the strain caused by long periods of time spent in front of the computer.

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As Instagrammable as sheet masks are, they simply aren’t intended for the unique issues associated with the skin around eyes. Sure, a well-fitted face mask might deposit a few beneficial ingredients near your eyes, but sometimes you just want to target the periorbital area — without the mess of a drippy sheet mask. So it’s no wonder that there has been a veritable under eye masks boom, leading to a much-welcomed deluge of sticky, comma-shaped patches made specifically formulated to target the dark circles, early-morning puffiness, and texture changes that happen to this especially delicate section of skin. Whether you want an overnight option for fine lines, a quick cooling fix, or a once-a-week way to hydrate and brighten, here are the 14 best eye masks on the market for those moments when you’re looking for a little more intensity than what a daily eye cream can provide.

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