FindMySoft editorial review on EyePro 2.1.1

FindMySoft editorial review on EyePro 2.1.1

Posted by venkat0249 in News and Announcments, Reviews 07 Apr 2013

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Using the computer can have a great benefit for your work, but can also have a bad benefit for your health if used improperly. To avoid having health and especially eye problems, it’s recommended to take a break from using your computer at specific intervals of time.

The problems is that it’s difficult to keep track of the time spent when using the computer and, as such, it’s difficult to know when to take breaks. Fortunately, there are certain applications which can help you in such situations. One example is EyePro.

This Windows application keep tracks of the time spent on the computer and can remind you when it’s time to take a break. After installing the application, it will start running in the system tray, in minimized mode. By clicking on the icon, you will launch the main interface of the application. From the interface, you are able to configure the time intervals for which EyePro will notify you that it’s time to take a break. By default, EyePro is set to notify you at every 15 and 45 minutes that it’s time to take a short and long break. To test the settings, the user can make the program send an immediate notification. Thus, the user will know how the application works.

By accessing the “Usage stats” section of the application, the user can view the number of short and long breaks taken so far and also the number of breaks which were skipped. Thus, he will be able to be more aware of these breaks.

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