Review of EyePro by Softpedia Editor

Review of EyePro by Softpedia Editor

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[pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”]EyePro is designed to help you take breaks when working with the computer. It makes available tips and exercises for maintaining and improving your eye health. [/pullquote]

Softpedia Editor rating on Eyepro 2.0

An in-depth review on EyePro has been published by most popular Freewares download provider “SoftPedia” and recieved 4-star rating. You can read the review from following link:

Working with the computer all day long takes a toll on your eyes, unless you make the right calls to prevent the damage. Taking a pause from the display from time to time could improve your productivity at the office and prevent the deterioration of your vision.

However, I have yet to meet the user that remembers to take the time off the display at the right moment. EyePro is specifically built for this purpose…. read full review from this link


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