Yet another review on EyePro – review

Yet another review on EyePro – review

Posted by venkat0249 in Reviews 02 Mar 2013

winrated eyepro review

EyePro 2.1.1 has been recently reviewed by “” and given 4-stars out of 5. Here the review in short summery:

EyePro is a freeware application whose singular goal is to protect your eyes, reminding you when to take a break and rest your eyes. The THM mode is designed to automatically adjust parameters according to your present eye condition and provide the “best” results as an answer to your specific needs. EyePro provides a set of exercises designed to help you improve eyesight. Although there’s nothing wrong with playing with them, if you have eye problems or vision disturbances we strongly recommend you to consult a real doctor. EyePro can come in handy for everyday use protecting your eyesight while requiring just a few clicks on your part to set it up. It does not bomb you with a number of overabundant messages or alerts, though the best configuration generally differs from one user to another due to the different habits and overall time spent in front of the screen.

Read full review by from following link:

We would like to thank “” for their genuine review on EyePro.

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